Mole Sisters and the Rainy Day, The Share this with a friend

Mole Sisters Board Book Collection

written and illustrated by Roslyn Schwartz

Best Books for Kids & Teens, *starred selection, Canadian Children’s Book Centre

Look who’s back!

Everyone’s favorite moles are back, now in a sturdy board book format perfect for younger readers. Titles in this four-book set commemorating the 20th anniversary of the classic series’ original publication date have been specially selected to appeal to younger readers. Sturdy pages make them just right for reading together or for little ones reading alone.

A rainstorm quashes the sisters’ plan for a lovely day outside. But their leaky mole hole provides the perfect place to build an indoor oasis, complete with swimming pool!

Roslyn Schwartz’s delightful tales and heart-melting illustrations are sure to put a smile on faces of new initiates and long-time fans alike. Beloved around the world, these clever and quirky creatures are ready to hook a new generation with their irresistible charm.

Three cheers for the Mole Sisters!

“Schwartz packs a lot of fuzzy warmth into these small, square
packages . . . the Mole Sisters’ enthusiasm and zest for life shine through in a big way.” —Booklist

“A source of delight.” —The Globe and Mail

“Schwartz strikes just the right note of preschool humor with the resourceful and relentlessly optimistic mole sisters.” —Publishers Weekly