Ann Love

Born in Toronto, Ann Love graduated with an M.A. in English Literature from the University of Toronto.

A founder of Pollution Probe, she ran the education and information programs there. She and her husband David moved to Yukon where they helped start an alternative, co-educational, residential high school open to students from across Canada, as well as Yukon. The school, set between Whitehorse and the wilderness, ran a commercial ventures program to offset fees so that students graduated with high school diplomas or upgraded to trades (bakers, steam operators, foresters, journalists).

Ann and David’s oldest child was born in Whitehorse. They moved back to Ontario where two more children joined the family. Ann eventually became a teacher librarian with the York Region District School Board from which she is now retired. Besides her writing, Ann is a botanical water color artist, a besotted grandmother, and an avid naturalist participating in “citizen science” such as the Breeding Bird Atlas (University of Guelph), project Feederwatch (Cornell University), wetland monitoring study (Toronto Region Conservation Authority), etc.

Ann teamed up with her sister Jane Drake and, together, they have published over thirty books for kids. Their works have an environmental focus based on a shared upbringing and travels, especially in the remoter parts of Canada.

Ann and Jane grew up by a forest, which was logged 150 years ago but is slowly restoring itself. While this is rewilding by Nature and not people, their close experience with forest renewal inspired their latest collaboration, Rewilding: Giving Nature a Second Chance (Fall 2017). 

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