Anna Bron

Anna Bron was born in Russia and grew up in Israel before she moved to Vancouver, Canada as a child. From a young age she studied art, but she was always particularly drawn to cartooning. She went on to study traditional animation at Sheridan College, graduating in 2011. Since then she has broadened her interests to include illustration, predominantly for children’s magazines, which provide ample opportunity to deal in the fantastical. She has a fondness for ornament and pattern, stemming from early exposure to Russian Palekh miniature painting, and she tries to incorporate those influences into her work when possible. She likes to work in a combination of various mediums; whether it’s watercolour, colored pencil, ballpoint pen, or digital, she strives for a balance between the orderly and the chaotic through the use of controlled lines and overlaid painted textures. In her free time, Anna enjoys creating short run print illustrated books and comics.

Annick Press books
illustrated by Anna Bron