Isabelle Malenfant

Isabelle Malenfant was born in Val d’Or, Quebec, and now lives in Montreal. As a child, she liked to draw and play music. She played the flute, as well as piano, bass, guitar, and violin. Her favorite subjects at school were art and biology. She studied art in college and got her degree in Graphic Design at the University of Quebec in Montreal.

Isabelle has always enjoyed creating characters and writing stories. Before she started to illustrate Pablo Finds a Treasure (Fall 2016), she found photos of dumps and the people who work in them. The biggest challenge was how to represent the pieces of garbage without being repetitive. After some experimenting, she settled on using pencils, which she could smudge to achieve the effect of the dirty surroundings.

What she enjoys most about the creative process is coming up with the characters and putting them in scenes. Her favorite thing is to get her hands dirty!

Isabelle lives with her partner, their two daughters, a cat, and a dwarf hamster. When she isn’t writing or illustrating, she likes to sculpt, sew, read, listen to music, and go to the movies when she can.

Her advice for aspiring authors and illustrators is to have fun and not worry about rules.

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illustrated by Isabelle Malenfant