Tiffany Stone

Tiffany Stone was born in Quebec and named after one of James Bond’s girlfriends. When she was two, she travelled by train to British Columbia, where she has lived ever since. 

Tiffany considers herself a word nerd and proudly admits that when she was young, she and her mum used to look up word origins in the dictionary for fun! Nowadays, she especially enjoys writing poems that rhyme and stories that incorporate plenty of puns. 

Meeting a real-live author when she was in Grade 6 inspired Tiffany to pursue her dream of being a writer. And writing her own verse for Dennis Lee’s “Alligator Pie” as a school assignment made her fall in love with poetry. (Her verse was about alligator cake.) 

After earning her BFA in Creative Writing at UBC, Tiffany tried out several backup careers, including music academy administrator, bakery prep person (too early!), and veterinary hospital receptionist. She even trained as a hairdresser. 

But in 2004, Tiffany’s dream of being an author finally came true. Her published works now include three collections of humorous verse for kids and more than a dozen poems in children’s magazines, as well as poetry on a plaque at a beach and on Vancouver buses. She loves to perform her poems at schools and libraries and sometimes works as a freelance children’s book editor. 

Tiffany lives in Whonnock, BC, with her family and many pets. 

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